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What does the customer say!

  • thanks for posting your trades on twitter, I\'ve made some serious cash off your recommendations.
  • Hi there, just wanted to say Thank You! I followed you on the snoff trade this morning and made $ 250. 1 of my biggest trades yet,(newbie here) Thanks again!!
  • What do you use to find the stocks that are ready to move?  Thanks for the pics. I think you are one of the best on twitter.
  • Well what can I say? You are inspirational and you have a lovely site.
  • I just want to tell you that I am a trader 22 years and new to twitter and you have been PHENOMENAL.
  • My son has been following you and has encouraged that I do the same! So here I am.
  • I owe you for my first day trade ever. $MF made me 14% gain in 30 minutes. Would love to learn more!
  • Just started following you on twitter a few days ago. @ijustreally. Apart from the stocks like JAMN, i really like your calls. Great stuff!
  • Hi, its been almost two months since i following you on twitter ,and I thing you are great   trader,and everybody can learn much from you. Thank you for what you doing for people like me.
  • I have been following you and your trade recently. Very profitable, look forward to trading with you
  • I like to learn to be a day trader and i think you got the talent to get me started
  • Thank you and keep up your good work also love your phase on  \"If you can help enough people get what they want, you will get everything you want.\"
  • A friend of mine told me about your excellent method to trade successfully. I want to be financialy free, as you are. Not to be a worker slave as you say.
  • Enjoyed watching your moves today.  Looking forward to hearing your wisdom.
  • I love what you show on Twitter! I have just graduated from college and havent invested with real money yet; however, I have been actively following your trades and see the serious gains!  
  • I fallow you on Twitter and your Trading looks very well... Good luck to You :-)
  • love your twitter/stocktwits stream. Very transparent and timely trades. What I wish more traders would aspire to.
  • Out of all the guys I follow on Twitter, you are totally impressive.  Would love to speak with you some time about your techniques you have developed.  They almost seem mechanical.
  • Thanks man! Been following you for a while now, like what I see.
  • Remzi I appreciate your posts as most guys are not accountable for their trading as you know
  • You are simply amazing.  Would like to know where you bought your set of balls.  Trading  really has so much of a psychological aspect to it.  You seem to have conquered the fear.
  • I have been following you recently and your one of the few out there who tweets real time.   I admire your style and I constantly seeking to improve as a trader.
  • I follow u on twitter, but i cant make out what the stocks u are trading, Is it possible to follow your tweet trades and trade on the same stocks and trade in just following you, as you seem to be doing ok at it.
  • I enjoy following you on Twitter and would be interested in reading the information that you offer.
  • You are the man!
  • you ARE a winning trader, I need your help. please send me whatever info you can,
    or books I should read, or anything that might help me.
  • Following you the past couple of weeks on stocktwits, you have nerves of steel   I\'ve learned and profited from by following a few of of your trades (mu, fas wlt). Thank you I hope to learn more from you.
  • I have been following you on stocktwits for a few days now, and have been very impressed. I really appreciate your genuine desire to help people succeed.
  • You inspire me.
  • After been an not succesful trader for a while , I got the conclusion that I need a mentor who can teach me how to play on the market and have some gains . Hope your strategy will be usefull for me.
  • You are amazing...thanks for the reports
  • Just wanted to say thanks for the XIV trade posted on Twitter. I worked for me the same way. 500 shares +$400
  • Looking forward to your read. I have followed u on twitter and see your gains. Inspiring.
  • I\'ve been watching you on twitter for the last few week and I like your stock picks. You are really good.
  • Been following on twitter for a few months, currently trading nickel and dimes to try and learn as much before I jump all in. want to learn all aspects and looking for great advice and mentoring along the way.
  • Wow! Just really want to know what is your secret. Been tracking your trades for weeks & it\'s been really awesome to watch. You are a beast! :-)
  • I have been following you on twitter for a month or so, I have copied some of your trades with success. When you enter a position with 1K shares, I enter with 100, and it has been profitable. Thank you.
  • I found you on stocktwits and have been following you for a week or so.  Looking back a month or so in your twits was very impressive.  I\'m excited to see what you have to offer.  
  • agree with your statement 100%.  Love your constant twits updates!  
  • I just started to follow you on twitter and hope I can learn something to make big bucks in the future.
  • Over the past year, I have been learning about day trading. While being successful at it for a while, I am looking for a solid strategy and am inspired by your work.
  • great watching you on Twitter!
  • THANK YOU!  for your stock tweets! I don't  know how many people thank you but I'm just lovin' it. Your stock screens rock!
  • Been following you on Twitter & just amazed at your weekly gains. Unbelievable!!!
  • Very impressed with your results. Trying to emulate on a smaller scale. Thanks!
  • I have been watching the markets and viewing peoples opinions and trades on stocktwits and twitter.  You seem to have more success than most and I like how you post your losses as well.
  • I have been following you on stocktwits. I really like to become like you, but I do not know how. I would appreciate your advice.
  • Been following you on twitter...good honest trader.
  • i am following you on stocktwits and twitter.  You are amazing day trader.  You said recently that you are not going to give your trades starting in november.  Is there any way that I can have your trades even with fees.  I really like your way of trading and want to learn from you.  Any thing that you can help me better understand the market or trading will be greatly appreciated.
  • I\'ve been following you, you\'re solid day trader.  Thanks for all your posts.
  • Follow you everyday Remzi! Keep up the awesome work you\'re inspiring a lot of people.
  • I really admire your guts on the moves you make, I have been following you for a few months now. Thanks
  • Thank you for inspiration to became day trader!
  • Your past ERX trades:  the past 12, all winners. 45 of your past 50 FAS trades, winners. Remzi, this is incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  Congratulations. 
  • I have been following your tweets and you have amazing record.
  • just wanted to say that I think you have great market intuition and I look forward to learning from you.
  • Thank you for all the help, keep up the good work .
  • you are great... I have been following your trades...I want to learn how you pick it, what is your strategy and what kind of knowledge it takes to become good day trader
  • Following you on twitter for a while, very impressed and would like to learn your style. thanks
  • I\'ve been following you for a while on twitter and I\'m very impressed with what I\'ve seen so far. I\'m very interested in learning your trading techniques
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+39.6% -4.6%
+37.0% -3.2%
+26.4% -3.1%
+15.6% -2.6%
+11.0% -2.6%
+9.4% -2.1%
+9.1% -1.9%
+7.0% -1.8%
+6.7% -1.5%
Total Profit: $15,125
AVG. Trade Size: $10K
Total TRADES: 121
Biggest Gain: +$4,400
Biggest Loss: -$600

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